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EBA CLEARING’s RT1 platform builds up nearly full instant payment coverage in Finland

Six major players in the Finnish retail payments market are now connected to the pan-European instant payment system of EBA CLEARING.

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EBA CLEARING’s real-time payment system RT1 reaches critical mass in Germany

RT1 provides instant payment coverage to 1,700+ PSPs in Germany via seven service participants

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Instant payment system RT1 reaches new milestone

RT1 passed the 10-million-transaction mark on 3 January 2019.

EBA CLEARING’s real-time payment system RT1 passes 5-million-transaction mark

11 months after go-live, the pan-European instant payment platform reaches PSPs in 12 countries, processing over 70,000 real-time payments in euro per day.

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EBA CLEARING’s instant payment system RT1 expands reach to over 1,000 payment service providers

EBA CLEARING announced today that its pan-European instant payment system RT1 successfully connected six new participants yesterday. German savings bank sector connected to RT1 via LBBW and Helaba.

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EBA CLEARINGs Echtzeitzahlungssystem RT1 weitet Reichweite auf mehr als 1.000 Zahlungsanbieter aus

EBA CLEARING gab heute bekannt, dass das Echtzeitzahlungssystem RT1 des Unternehmens gestern erfolgreich sechs neue Teilnehmer angeschlossen hat. Der deutsche Sparkassensektor schloss sich über LBBW und Helaba an RT1 an.

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Instant payment system RT1 hits 1-million-transaction mark

RT1 has processed EUR 635 million since its launch on 21 November 2017

EBA CLEARING’s instant payment system RT1 hits 500,000-transaction mark

Three months after go-live, the pan-European platform handles more than 10,000 real-time payments in euro per day.

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Successful go-live for EBA CLEARING’s instant payment system RT1

EBA CLEARING today confirmed that instant payment system RT1 went live this morning. 17 banks from eight countries connected to RT1 today, extending SCT Inst reach to 500+ PSPs across SEPA.

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IBERPAY ready to connect Spanish banks to EBA CLEARING’s RT1 system for SCT Inst processing

IBERPAY and EBA CLEARING announced today that the Spanish retail payment system is ready to provide Europe-wide instant payment connectivity to Spanish banks with the support of IBERPAY’s CICLOM platform and EBA CLEARING’s RT1 system.

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EBA CLEARING at Sibos (Stand 43)

Join our community session "RT1 - Real and Timely" on 18th October 2017

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SWIFTNet Instant to provide access to EBA CLEARING's RT1 system

RT1 users will be able to access the platform via SWIFTNet Instant in November 2018.

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Banks from nine countries to join RT1 for go-live

This first group of RT1 users is currently completing the required testing for connecting to the platform.

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UniCredit prepares for multinational roll-out of instant payments

UniCredit and EBA CLEARING today announced that UniCredit has started testing with RT1, EBA CLEARING’s pan-European, real-time payment platform.

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EBA CLEARING publishes white paper on how to ensure smooth take-off for euro instant payments

The paper presents key factors for a successful ramp-up of real-time payments, such as payment certainty and reach, and explains how these can be supported at an infrastructure level.

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Successful first testing results for RT1

Intesa Sanpaolo and EBA CLEARING announce results for the first pan-European instant payment solution.

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EBA CLEARING introduces EBICS as additional connectivity option for its instant payment system

Future service participants can use SIANet or EBICS to connect to the new pan-European real-time payment infrastructure from November 2017 on. Other options may follow later.

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Timely testing phase kick-off for EBA CLEARING's pan-European instant payment system

Twenty-eight of the funding institutions from all over Europe were represented at a meeting in Milan, which marked the start of the testing phase and included a demonstration of the functioning of the new system in the test environment run by SIA.

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